Oxandrolone optimizes the strength of the existing muscle by increasing the synthesis of creatine within muscle cells. The result is an increase in strength superior to that obtained with other steroids.

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The Anavar is a product for a POST cycle and dry mass. Box of 100 tabs , 10 mg / tab. With this product you will get:

  • An impressive increase in strength and very dry and hard muscles.
  • Very lean mass gain.

For a lean mass cycle and increase in strength, this product combines very well with Androlic ou Dianabol ou Anabol, et Winstrol , Primobolan ou Primabolan.

To increase performance and strength, combine this product with winstrol.

It is good to take this product during a weight loss or cutting cycle.

This product is for a cycle of 4 weeks.

Dose: 1-7 tabs (10-70mg) per day